Life Is Not What It Seems

Updated: Jul 21

I wanted to share this analogy that I learned a few years ago, an analogy that resonates with me and maybe it will for you, too.

Imagine you're in a movie theater with a large popcorn on your lap and a large blue slushy in your cupholder. You have a friend sitting quietly by your side and you're both in a trance with the rest of the audience as the movie on the big screen unfolds. Your heart is racing, your adrenaline is pumping through your veins, and you're unconsciously holding your breath as Maverick from Top Gun takes flight. It may as well be you flying that plane because of how sucked into the movie you are.

Or maybe you're watching a Hollywood rom-com. Your imagination takes you on a journey as you consume the hilarious, steamy, passionate, yet highly unrealistic scenario playing before you. You laugh with the characters, you cry with them, and you form an attachment to them as you watch their story unfold, hoping the power of love is enough to bring them together in the end.

Whatever movie you are watching, it has you hooked. Until, it comes to an end and all that's left is the screen, simply just existing.

Where am I going with this? Well a lot of the time, people get so caught up, attached, and sucked into what's playing on the screen that they often lose sight of the big picture.

What I mean by that is this:

Picture your life as a movie. There you are, watching your own story unfold on the big screen. You're witnessing your career, your relationships, your struggles, your anxieties, your memories, your achievements, and everything in between. But many times, we unconsciously get so wrapped up with what's playing on the screen--what's happening in our lives--that we lose touch with ourself and even sometimes forget who we are.

At the core of who you are is not what is playing on the screen.

At the core of who you are is not what is happening in your life.

At the core of who you are is not your career, your relationships, your traumas, your stressors, your anxieties, your achievements, etc.

At the core of who you are is not your thoughts, your feelings, nor is it your experiences.

Instead, not only are you the observer in the audience who is shoveling popcorn into their mouth, but you are also the screen itself.

As an energetic being temporarly having a human experience, you are constructed of 3 different elements:

1) Consciousness

2) Soul

3) Spirit

Together, these parts operate the human vessel and ultimately make up your core essence.

Consciousness refers to the state of awareness. Now, to define consciousness is challenging because there is a plethora of theories and a lack of agreement among scientists and philosophers. But, according to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, " adequate account of mind requires a clear understanding of it and its place in nature." In simplest terms, consciousness is your awareness of your internal and external experiences. Consciousness also includes the ego, which translates to "I" in Latin, and it is the part of you that makes up the basis of your cognitive function, including your thinking, decision making, memories, beliefs, perceptions, judgements, your identity, and ultimately, your self with a lower case "s". Many people unconsciously identify as the ego, which ultimately weakens the connection to the soul.

The soul is our inner compass and the element that transcends onward after the physical body dies. According to Jungian psychology, the soul, or the unconscious, refers to the Self with a capital S, our Higher Self per se. The soul is also the gatekeeper for transformation and self-exploration. It communicates with feeling, which presents us with an embedded message that points to something deeper within. The soul is the roadmap for alignment and the return to our core essence.

Spirit is our direct connection with God, Higher Consciousness, and it flows both within us and outside of us. Spirit is the interconnected force of love that pours into all things; you, me, the annoying neighbor, the dog, the trees, the ocean, the wind. Our spirit is our direct link to God and it is always accessible to us if we choose to access it.

If we can understand our dimensionality, we can understand that although it is easy to get swept up in the movie, we are not what is playing on the screen.

The movie viewer is constructed of your consciousness. Meanwhile, the screen is both your soul and spirit, for even when the movie stops playing, the screen will still live on.

Just like you and your friend watching Top Gun, we sometimes lose touch with parts of ourself as we get hooked onto the film playing before us. Sometimes, our conscious part, the ego, gets so caught up into the movie, that it pulls us away from our other core elements. The thinking mind takes over and we become so consumed with what is happening in our lives, that we lose touch of the truth of who we are. This is because many times, we unconsciously identify with what is happening around us rather than simply being with what is.

Next time you get caught up with the movie of life, remember that you are not what is playing on the screen. Remember that you don't have to get so caught up in the story, because in truth, that’s all it is: a story.

So, I ask you:

What part of you is activated as you watch your movie?

What kind of movie is playing on your screen?

Do you trust that the screen will still be standing after the movie ends?


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